The Environment 
A fun space for everyone to kickback and enjoy a tasty meal. With the latest music vibrating off the speakers, large booths, an interactive Coca-Cola Freestyle machine with 120 flavors, and beer and wine on the menu, Burger Bandit is more than a restaurant; it’s a hangout destination.
Our Burgers
Never frozen, always fresh. Burger Bandit’s ethos of sticking with the basics is ingrained in each individual burger. Whether it’s “The Classic,” a cheeseburger in its simplest form- lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and our special bandit sauce, or a “Bandit”, which is a hybrid of a slider and the classic, we strive to create a delicious and inexpensive meal without sacrificing natural and premium ingredients.
We at Burger Bandit are dedicated to exceeding the expectation of all our guests. Please inform us of any food allergies prior to ordering. To help enhance your dietary options, a lettuce wrap is available for substitution with any burger free of charge.
The Buns
What words come to mind when you think Martin’s Potato Rolls? While the list could go on, to us it says: simple, traditional, and scrumptious. Simply put, it’s a classic bun for a classic burger. Dating back to the 30s, Martin’s famous rolls have become a household staple. Now, from the backyard BBQ, we’re bringing it here!
The Hot Dogs
While “Burger” may be in our name, we certainly don’t discriminate. Our “Boardwalk Style” hot dogs are deep-fried in bubbling vats of oil. The result is hotdog that is rich in flavor. Ditch the crowded boardwalk this summer and come hang with us instead.
The Milkshakes
Nothin’ fancy here. Just delicious ice cream that comes in wild flavors that are later blended the old fashion way! Our milkshakes are stirred in a blender to create a rich and creamy texture. We offer toasted marshmallow, cotton candy, strawberry, and of course, vanilla and chocolate
The Fries & Rings
Between the house fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings, we have the perfect fry for every burger or hot dog on the menu.
Our Process


In an effort to make our entire process green, natural, sustainable, we use all natural, local, and whenever feasible, organic products. We produce little to no waste. We use Energy Star appliances and lights. We recycle our oil in cars. We’re just trying our best to make as little impact on your cholesterol and our planet as possible.